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Global Flavors, Awesome Food



Awesome Sauce Kitchen serves incredible cuisine all your guests will rave about–even picky eaters and those with special dietary needs. 


We’re Covid compliant and focused on serving you great food, worry free.

Private Parties

Delight your guests with luxurious meals inspired by Nikki’s global travels.  

 Onsite Event Commissary

Fuel your crew with a healthy variety of Covid compliant set catering options–whether camped in the dust or in 5-star hotels.


Honor this once in a lifetime event with catering that will make your friends & family swoon.

Special Event Catering

Impress your clients with thematic cuisine that will be a highlight at your event.


Nurture your guests with wholesome fare that supports even the most obscure dietary needs.

Drop Off Catering

Get crowd-pleasing food delivered right to your event, all the yum with none of the fuss.

‘WOW’ your guests

Send your taste buds on an adventure with worldly comfort food. Inspired by her global travels, Nikki weaves the best flavors from around the world into unique culinary creations everyone loves.



“Nikki’s food goes beyond nourishing the body. Her culinary creations are food for the soul.”

Mark Highlove

Event Producer, Highlove Company

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nikki to cater my events for nearly 11 years and what she brings to the table are stand out culinary experiences that have left my guests inspired and curious. She curates thoughtful and elegant menus that eliminate boundaries of flavor. A true artist and passionate chef, I am always excited to hear what she is currently inspired by from her travels and then bring it to dinner.

Monica Fernandez

Executive Producer, The Do Lab

“Nikki’s meals are unforgettable. The flavors can be unexpected, yet never overwhelming. Everything she makes is stunning, from the (literally) perfect chicken & waffle to a flavor tour of a middle eastern spice bazaar. She’s truly an artist at her craft.”

Alexa Rohn

Publisher, Provincial Magazine

Meet Your Chef

Unstoppable babe and universal thirst trap Nikki Mosa is a culinary goddess of epic proportions. 

Whether picking pomegranates and olives on her family farm in the middle east, or riding a motorcycle through Vietnam she is a force to be reckoned with.

These adventures, and her globe-trotting upbringing, inform her wildly eclectic and delicious meals. 

Scary talented with a knife (no really, try throwing a satsuma at her) and a lover of spice bazaars, she has a profane knowledge of culinary flavors and a zest for life to match.